New Year? New colours for your home!

New Year? New colours for your home!

The colours you use in your home and living spaces not only have an effect on your mood and emotions – they say a lot about the person who chose them. A simple example is that a light, neutral living area is more likely to be chosen by someone who likes to stay at home and spend time in their living space, as opposed to a more outgoing person who would likely choose something more bright, bold and in-your-face. So what colours should you use to match your decor style?

One. Sophisticated and practical. Neutral, earthy and grey tones are your best friends here. These colours all exude sophistication and an airiness which will transform any space they inhibit into a calm, welcoming, and tranquil space.

Two. The collector. So you have a lot of accessories and furniture you’d like to incorporate into your space, so create a backdrop that accentuates and highlights the tones of your accessories. Or contrasts them for a more dramatic effect.

Three. The homebody. Do you love relaxing at home? Is spending quiet time in your safe space what keeps you going? Soft, barely noticeable greys, greens and blues will help bring more tranquillity into your home and space.

Four. The coast. Everybody wants a beach house, right? If you’re lucky enough to have one, well done, and these tips will apply to you as well. However if you are still working towards a beach house, why not bring a beachy colour palette into your home to create a sense of calm year-round?

Five. The modernist. Think of a new pair of sneakers straight out of the box. When they’re pristine, bright and pure white it’s the best they’ll ever look, and that crisp, clean and fresh look translates brilliantly to interiors too.

Six. Be brave. For the more eclectic among us there are rich colours that will not only transform an entire room’s energy, but they can add an almost cosmic feel to any space. Dark purples, blues, greens and bright yellows will all bring a truly unique feel to any space they occupy.

There we have it, a few modern choices for your home to start the year with. So regardless of where your personality and style fits into the above, we know that our selection of paints has something for everyone. Go on, give it a try.