How a statement wall will change your space.

Go big! Go bold! Make a statement!

Accent walls have been around for ages, and they’re not going anywhere. A simple, bold, and inspired statement wall really does transform a room and can create a transcendent space. We’ll forgive you for thinking that a statement wall is as simple as picking the right colour, and to an extent it is, but we have a few other things for you to consider that’ll definitely help.

One. Textures. Outside of the colour you choose, you should really consider the texture of your statement wall. What about using inlays, some creative plaster work or selecting the perfect artworks to accentuate your wall. The only rule here is to make sure the colour you choose highlights and complements the finish you choose.

Two. Go bold. We love bright, brave and bold colours, and we love them even more on accent walls – why not try a colour that makes you stop in your tracks and notice the wall it’s on? If you do go this route, our top tip is to make sure the adjoining walls are lighter hues of the same colour to add a tiny bit of continuity to the space. White walls next to an accent wall can also work, but make sure that the undertones of the light colour you’re using match or complement the statement colour.

Three. Pick the right wall. Accent walls can work in most rooms, provided the right wall is selected to become the focal point of the room. Rooms that have no architectural features would benefit the most from accent walls. Remember that if you choose to turn your wall with windows into your focal point, avoid very dark colours. This could create an effect which makes incoming light too bright and overwhelming to the room – a similar effect as when you take a photograph of something with the sun behind the subject.

Take these three tips into account when you plan your next feature wall and it’s sure to be a success. Remember to be brave, be bold, go big and pick the right wall to highlight.