Choosing the right matte, matters.

Matte paint looks luxurious, feels expensive and can have a massive impact on how light and colour are perceived. So what are matte paints, why are they so popular and when should you use them? Here are three things you should know about matte paints.

One. Great for Colour. One thing matte paints do really well is making brighter colours appear more “suitable” for indoor spaces where you wouldn’t necessarily expect to use them. As matte finishes absorb light, the make brighter colours appear more saturated and as a result, slightly less in your face – while hiding imperfections and impurities.

Two. Where to use it. Ceilings, low traffic areas, living rooms (easy-to-clean versions), kitchens and even bathrooms. For the more unusual rooms, chat to our experts for specific paints that will work in these environments.

Three. Perks? There are a few, but the biggest would be that it’s easy to work with, so painters and DIY newbies alike, prefer using matte finishes. It blends and finishes well, and is much easier to keep streak-free (those annoying lines you see on the wall when you paint). The depth of colour it provides is unmatched, it’s got a wonderfully luxurious feel once dry, and the tactile nature of the finish can add a cosy atmosphere in any room it is used in. Did we mention it is also wipeable? Meaning you just need warm water and soap to clean it, that easy!

Muted Green

Sage Green

If you need a paint that will elevate the appearance of your walls, hide the imperfections and be great to look at, a solid matte option should be something you investigate. If you’re unsure, you can always reach out to one of our colour experts and they would be happy to help you find the perfect finish.