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Are the Peel + Stick Swatches accurate?

Our peel + Stick swatches are 20 x 22cm stickers coated with a layer of our paint, meaning you can easily test the colour in your space and have 100% confidence in the colour accuracy.

Do your Peel + Stick Swatches leave marks?

No, you can easily peel them off your wall, leaving no residue behind. It is a No mess, No marks alternative to tester pots.


Can I reuse the Peel + Stick Swatches?

Peel + Stick the swatches up to 4-5 times around your home to see the colour on various walls and in different lights. Once you have chosen your colour, why not pass on your swatches to a friend to extend their use!

Do we have a fandeck of our colours?

We do not currently but are working on it. We currently offer a full swatch set of our range of 60 colours. This is available for purchase here.

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