How to pick the perfect colour for your room.

Have you ever stared at a wall in your house and thought “I wonder what colour would make that wall even cooler to stare at?” We know we have, so we’ve come up with four easy things you can do, consider and keep in mind when you decide to reimagine a space in, or outside, your home. And it’s only four things to remember, that’s even less than the amount of white paints we have for you to choose from.

One. Colour Theory. Yup, we chose the one you’re the least likely to be familiar with to start our list. That’s because the theory behind colours, the moods they evoke and the spaces they can create is something we take very seriously at Simply Colour. So start there, what mood do you want to create in the space you’re painting? Colours have a significant impact on our moods, so avoid any bright and bold colours if you’re looking to transform the lounge into something a little more peaceful. Once you’ve decided on what you want the space to do, you can decide on the colour it should be, next, you have to consider your surroundings.

Two. Consider the space. Picking the perfect colour for a space is easier than you think. All (well, the very least) you need to remember to consider include the available space – things like ceiling height, architectural features you want highlighted, or obscured – what you’ll be doing in the space and of course, how much light it gets.

Bedrooms, for example, should be somewhere (especially if you have kids) tranquil and relaxing, and the same goes for your bathroom. It’s safe to say that the colours you’d choose for those two spaces wouldn’t necessarily be the same. Your bedroom would be more personal, so more of an expression of your own personality, where communal spaces, like the bathroom or kitchen, are generally more toned down and muted. You want something bright and light in the morning whilst getting ready, which would also be relaxing and calming in the evening and at night.


Three. Light. As the key to making any interior look more vibrant, lively and inviting, getting the light right in your space is essential. There are two approaches you can take to this. The first is to use a colour to make a darker room seem lighter – whilst also appearing larger – than it actually is. Secondly you can use colour to darken, or give colour accents, a space.  

Keep in mind what time of the day you will mostly be using the room as it can greatly affect which colours would work best. Consider which way the room faces, and as light changes throughout the day, so will the appearance of your home’s interior. Colours will look brighter if they’re in sunny, well-lit rooms, and the opposite is also true, they will appear darker than usual in spaces which aren’t as illuminated.


Four. Furniture. When you pick a colour for a space in your home, remember to bear the furniture in the room in mind. Undertones of colour in your furniture will also help accentuate the colours you choose. For example, if you have a white room with pink furniture, the space will have a rosy hue to it, but if you want the room to appear more clean and white, ensure there’s a cool undertone to your white paint (like our Cool White) and it will help nullify the pinkish tones. 

There you have it, four easy ways to help you decide on what the right colour to use is. Remember, it’s all about light, mood, space, furniture and picking a colour that evokes the mood you want from the space. If you’re unsure about anything, reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you decide which colour will work best. Our Colour Expert will also be a great resource whilst planning your next project!