Transform Your Living Room with Colour

Space and time, the two things we want the most, but ironically also the two things we can never get more of. Well, that’s a half-truth, you can never get more time, but if you invest well and play your cards right, you definitely can find a bigger space to call home. That being said, you don’t have a big space now and you’re a bit stuck on what to do with your little living room or lounge? 

Well, we might not be able to give you time, but we can certainly help you save some, keep reading and learn about our top tips for picking the perfect colour for your living space.

One. Light. Consider the light in the room you’re redecorating. When you use the room, and subsequently the amount of natural light the room receives, will determine the colours which will work best in the space. For example, if you choose a very subtle, light colour for your walls, but the room gets a lot of light, then the colours will almost appear white instead of the shade you chose. Naturally, the reverse is also true. The less light a room gets, the more it will rely on your choices to bring the best out of the space. Our top tip here is that even though it’s tempting to brighten a room with white paint, earthy and more muted tones work extremely well in darker rooms.

Two. Colours. As we’ve mentioned before, colour has a significant effect on our moods and emotions, so when you’re painting your main living space, it’s a good idea to create a space that will allow you to kick back, unwind and recharge. Green brings a lot of harmony to spaces, and it works very well in small spaces. This is due to the blue and yellow pigments in the colour working together to bring both energy and tranquillity to the space. Blue is another good choice if you’re looking for something light and fresh to complement the room’s natural light. Then of course the old adage holds true, if you want a room to feel more snug, use darker colours, and if you want to make a room feel and appear bigger, light shades are your best friend.

Three. You. Think about your tastes, your styling and how you use the room you’re looking to paint. Pick colours that work with your decor, consider the space and light you have available to create a living room you want to spend time in. 

Rearranging and redecorating your living room is as simple as a new lick of paint and moving a few things around. We believe that reinventing your living space could be equally simple by considering all of the above, adding a bit of your own personality into the mix, picking the right colours and creating a space that you want to spend your time in.