Warm White: perfect for hosts.


Why our Warm White is the perfect colour for people who love to entertain.

We know deciding what colour to use can be tricky, especially when there are SO many to choose from. Today we’re bringing you a short recommendation post, specifically if you’re looking for some inspiration for your entertainment space. Our Warm White could be exactly what you are looking for.

Your entertainment space should allow guests to have enough space to feel comfortable and relaxed and picking the right colour can really help. Warm White is one of our recommendations, as it creates a warm, inviting and almost-glowing ambience in the right lighting conditions.

Warm White was used in this dining room here and it really does show how versatile and welcoming this shade is!

White also tends to add an air of sophistication and minimalism to spaces, creating more room for other features, highlights or accents to shine. While Warm White would be an excellent base colour for your entertainment space, you could pair it with a bolder, brighter colour to help accentuate any, or every, fixture / fitting in the room.

Another great characteristic of Warm White is what a fantastic backdrop it provides to all of the furniture, accessories and finishings. The yellow and orange undertones pair fantastically with light, or dark, wood and will really help accentuate similar tones throughout the room. So if your entertainment space needs some warming up, our Warm White could be exactly what it needs!