Looking for a refreshing change? Go Sage Green!


Looking for a refreshing change? Go Sage Green!

In a world where everyone is concerned, and prioritising, going green with regards to energy, why not take that step literally? Why not bring more green into the interior of your home? Green topped the list for trending colours in 2022, and there is no reason that it can’t still be your first choice in 2023. So why green, and specifically, why choose our sage green?

One. Timeless. Green is not only timeless, but it brings colours and tones from outside into our homes, giving us a real sense of being connected to nature. This provides a sense of calm, sophistication and of course a look that will stand the test of time. Even neutrals with green undertones are becoming more popular as we are all seemingly looking outside to find inspiration for inside.

Two. Easy to pair. Whilst being versatile and calming, our sage green also matches and pairs very easily with a variety of other colours, tones and shades. This will make it easy to transform any room into an oasis, without having to redecorate, get new accessories or spending a ton on new furniture. Green represents growth, and new things, so if you’re looking to evolve, redo or uplift a room in your home, it could be the perfect choice.

Three. Find the right shade and accessories. Making a certain paint work in a certain space can be filled with nuance, from matching it to the space, furnishings or accessories; finding the perfect tone is key. Work with our experienced team of experts to help make sure that the sage green you need is the exact tone you get. This can be highlighted and emphasised by choosing accents and trim that are maybe slightly bolder, brighter or more dramatic shades of green.

Green is such a versatile colour that it’s easy to recommend to most people. There is undoubtedly a shade that will work perfectly in your home, and we’d love to help you find, or create it. If you’re still unsure about which shade to choose, or whether sage green even works for you, reach out to us and we’d be happy to help you make the best decision for your project.

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