Harnessing the power of neutrals

What’s the deal with neutrals?

We know, you might not think they’re not the most exciting things in the world, right? Neutral colours and colour palettes might not necessarily fill you with inspiration, but maybe we can help you see them for what they really are, the base of where all your decorating success starts. 

We believe there is an unspoken magic to what neutral colours can do to a space, especially when combining it with natural light, accessories, or complementary tones. Let’s help you buy the perfect neutral paints for your next DIY project!

One. Neutrals. Let’s start at the beginning, what are neutral colours? Neutral colours are the colours that will likely cover the majority of your home’s interior. In essence, neutral means “without colour” but in the paint world, there is almost no such thing. There are undertones, hues and numerous shades hidden within neutrals making them extremely versatile both in application and matching / complementing other colours.

3 Timeless Neutrals for every space.

Two. Orientation. Are you lucky enough to live in a north-facing home? If so, the good news is that you can basically use whatever colour you’d like, but we’d recommend playing around with cooler tones to help calm the brightness of all that sunshine pouring into your living spaces. For those who live in a house that faces any other direction, be aware that you will need to brighten up your darker living spaces with neutrals that have warmer undertones – think sunshine colours, yellow, pink, orange, lavender and red undertones can help warm.

4 Neutrals for rooms with a lot of natural light.

Three. Decorating. One of the biggest benefits of smartly selecting your home’s neutrals, is that it will make decorating your space a lot easier. These tones allow for you to pick bolder, more colourful and interchangeable accessories throughout your home. For example, as summer starts, you could use brighter throw cushions on your couch, and as soon as the weather turns cold you can swap those out for darker, more muted colours. Effectively changing the personality of your entire room, without having to paint a single thing. 

Give yourself a blank canvas that really works by simply picking the correct neutrals. Whether you want to create a calming space, or a livelier one, decide on the right neutral and you will successfully transform any space you reinvent.

4 neutrals with warm undertones to brighten up dark spaces.