How to shop for paint online

How to shop for paint online.

Shopping online for paint can be daunting, that’s why we took it back to the drawing board when mapping out the user’s, your, journey through our online shopping process. And we promise, it’s easy, really easy. Here it is in five simple steps.

One. Visit the website.  Head over to (spoiler: you’re already there) and find our online shop. It’s top left on the main navigation bar and we’ve called it “Shop Paint + Swatches”. Once you have found this section of the site, move on to Two.

Get your colour on! Shop for your ideal shades on our website.

Two. Pick a colour.  As our name implies, we’re about making colour simple. So once you’ve opened our store, scroll down and you can choose from a range of categories, we say a range, it’s only two. Because we kept it simple. You can find what you’re after by browsing Colours or Styles. So navigate through the pages, choose the surfaces you need to paint, and browse the colours you’re interested in. Once you’ve found the colours you need, head to Three. (We also have a handy calculator available to ensure you buy the right amount of paint.)

We’ll send you 100% colour accurate “restickable” swatches.

Three. Order your swatches.  We don’t expect anyone to simply pick a colour and get it right 100% of the time, so use some of our colour swatches to make sure that what you buy, will work. Once you’ve decided on the right colour for you, in the calculator, simply select “Swatch” and “Add to Cart”. If you need more colours, repeat the process, if you don’t, select the shopping cart icon at the top right of the page. Move on to Four.

Why “restickable” swatches? So you can try them out in different spots around your room to see how the colour looks in different light without any of the mess old-school paint samples leave behind.

Four. The cart. Review the items in your cart, and if you’re happy, select “Proceed to Checkout” – unless you have a coupon, then enter it before you go to the Checkout page. Then simply add your details, and follow the on screen prompts which will be via PayGate, our payment solution of choice. Once you’ve placed your order it’ll be confirmed via email. Then move to Five.

Ready to paint the town (or at least your room) red? we’ll deliver your paint and tools straight to your door.

Five. The wait. The bane of all online shopping enthusiasts, but fear not, we will have your goodies to you in no time, with tracking details so you can rest assured it’ll arrive, on time, every time – around 5 – 7 working days once you’ve completed your order. 

There you have it, our simple, five step process of how to use Simply Colour. Hopefully it helped you if you were stuck, but if you still have any questions, please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help you.

Roll up your sleeves and let the paint party begin!